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Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

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Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

What can be more romantic than being given double wedding ring quilt and sleeping together with your husband under a warmth, coziness, and comfort? Double wedding ring quilt pattern is a name of bedspread having a ring design entwined together. Thoughts of love, romance, and marriage are beneath the name of it. It is rather difficult to sew and requires a lot of patient and effort. However, all of the efforts are worthwhile as its magnificent shows on the finished product.

It has been used in so many centuries ago and the old quilt pattern now has been developed from that very old design. The interlocking rings motif was used in the fourth century to decorate the Roman cups. They were made and decorated by the connecting of mental rings. In the seventeenth century, quilt had become luxury because only the rich could afford it; and it also the pattern was also rare, because there were no many available patterns. In addition, in that century, there was no industry to make the sewing easier so that the sewing quilt was handmade and being done by women.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

double wedding ring quilt pattern history


Double wedding ring quilt is a pattern having the most popularity and also surrounded by many myths. One of the interesting myths are that underground railway used the quilt pattern as codes. The other interesting point is that a double ring pattern which is had by the wedding ring quilts were used to replace the real rings when the couple going to marriage could not afford them. In addition, what also make this pattern is special is that the material to make this pattern is the finest, unlike the other patterns. It is given on special occasions, like marriage, so that it looks different and brilliant among the other patterns. You do not have to always make the pattern on circular designs only; just try another design like hexagon or triangles, and do not forget to make them interlocked. In addition, this double wedding ring quilt pattern can be in all sizes of bed such as a single bed, a double bed, a queen bed, or even a king bed.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

double wedding ring quilt pattern free

Making a perfect arch is the most important thing to make a double wedding ring quilt pattern. If you are already able to make it, it will be easy on everything. Usually, to make a quilt, you should use a soft fabric; do not ever use an easy wrinkle fabric. After you make an arch, then you should sew it on the curve. It would be difficult for beginners, but it does not mean that they cannot do it at all. However, we could get quilt patterns which are readymade in any market. Bought them, and just trace the design with a tracing paper to make it easy. Remember to sew together two different colored arches which are to be made.

Now you already know how to make a double wedding ring quilt pattern, just try and give them as a gift which is a vintage hand pieced to some wonderful bride-to-be!

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