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Selena Gomez Purity Ring

Tuesday, December 4th 2012. | Purity Ring

Selena Gomez Purity Ring

Selena Gomez Purity Ring - In the United State within the 1900s, a purity ring means a ring symbolizing one’s vow to God and commitment to themselves to stay pure until getting married. It is not always a ring; it can be a necklace or a bracelet. It is probably that some items representing and reminding your purity vow can be a symbol of your purity. A purity ring can be for male or female and can be became a physical agreement between couples. If you wear this ring, usually worn around the left ring finger, then you do something related with sexual, it possible to you that you may have more guilt. Then, how if you put your ring off? It may be a visible sign that you break your vow and generally people will begin to ask some question directly or perhaps their own judgment about you will come to you.

Saying about purity ring, the most rumors often heard by us is Selena Gomez purity ring. Well, Selena Gomez is a devoutChristian being a famous actress. She exactly doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Since she was 12 year old, she has worn a silver purity ring and never put it off. This silver purity ring is her father giving. Silver purity rings have a profound symbolic meaning whose meaning implies a sexual purity sign before marriage.

There are many varieties of silver purity rings and the market has good collection of it. The prices of these ring come to the cheapest to the most expensive ones having unique gemstones designed within the rings. As you know, the meaning of the purity’s sense is a physical freedom from sin or guilt sign. In addition, it means innocence and chastity.People said that these silver purity rings is exactly strong. As the jewels,donating a sexual purity, have to be preserved to keep one pure until the right time or until one gets married.

Selena Gomez Purity Ring

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Unfortunately, according to the news spreading fast, in 18 year old, Selena Gomez wearing her purity everywhere became more less wearing her purity ring, especially when she had a date with Bieber. Who knows that Justin Bieber as her boyfriend is the reason why Selena Gomez did not wear herpurity ring again. They always show their blossoming yet whatever the case, the news said that the parents of Selena Gomez giving her a purity ring are worried about their daughter. Selena Gomez Purity Ring

It is very unfortunate if Selena decide not to wear her purity ring again while it was given to her as her parents hope that their daughter, Selena Gomez, won’t take her purity. In addition, there are other girls out there who want to have a purity ring as a symbol that they vow and commit to keep their purity before marriage. Selena Gomes’ silver purity rings may be contained of her parents pray for her daughter because of that her parents are very upset knowing that the silver purity ring was put off from her daughter ring finger.

Selena Gomez Purity Ring

Well, the culture in every country is exactly different. Perhaps in the US for most people, purity ring is important yet we don’t know how if it in the other country. If you were Selena Gomez, what will you do with your silver purity ring? Selena Gomez Purity Ring

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